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Kevin Westrich - Author of Trust Patience SurrenderA Midwest native for many years, He also resided in Sedona, Arizona and Oahu, Hawaii for the past 25 years. As an entrepreneur, spiritual teacher, author and workshop facilitator he has traveled around the globe. His life’s experiences have taken him on journeys allowing him to explore everything from the corporate financial environment, small business ownerships to humanitarian missions in; Havana, Cuba, Lourdes, France and now Bali, Indonesia.

Testimonials Soulful Guidance

  • "Hello Kevin. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me. It was an honour to spend time with you. I continue on my journey with a more heart centred approach and work constantly at coming from a place of self love which enables me to expand and grow and share that love with others."

    -- Sonia Miller, Australia

  • "The work for me was very revealing and deep….certain areas that in my life I thought was ok or not much there to look at, got exposed and a healing took place …things still moving…..Thank you Kevin for holding a sacred space and your vibration of experience and Knowledge make it possible to open many doors …..Gratitude."

    -- Satjan Santos, Australia

  • "Hi Kevin. Here we are. My two cents that are long overdue:
    Whilst I was a bit apprehensive about this workshop at first it was just the kickstart I required. Kevin is a very skilled, kind and patient man who led us through the entire journey with grace and ease; making us feel at ease and welcome too. I can highly recommend doing this workshop with Kevin: it is not for the fainthearted though as it will have a tremendous effect on you during the course of it and much after. Embrace and get ready for change."

    -- Simone, Australia


The Book - trust Patience Surrender"You are a Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience"

In Western culture, historically, we have nurtured a number of emotionally dysfunctional patterns. Because these reflect the Norm, society has for the most part, accepted these conditioned patterns without question.

In our present time, with the exploration of the human psyche and the effects of emotions on the body, we can effectively recondition and CLEAR individuals of the obstacles that prevent them from achieving their highest potential both spiritually and physically.
If we accept the premise that we are complex beings that function through four bodies, then we realise that to neglect any one of them will result in some imbalance. Our physical body is deeply effected by inner emotional blocks. We often times try to remedy these conditions by using the rational or mental body. In traditional therapy, the mind is used to bring understanding and rationalisation to heal the emotional body. The problem with that approach is that the emotional body is not, and can not, be rational. It is a feeling state. Because the emotions are stored in the organs of the physical body, our new paradigm is to release the stored energies through methods, including Neuro-Emotional Release techniques.

By clearing the emotional energies that affect the client, i.e., low self esteem, unworthiness, guilt, grief and emotional abandonment, the client can and will begin to give all of their energies to self-fulfilment and empowerment.


Workshops, Retreats, Sound Healing, Sacred Cacao Ceremony and Shamanism

Workshops, Retreats, Sound Healing, Sacred Cacao Ceremony and Shamanism

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The Center for Soulful Guidance Introduction


Soulful Journey is a 3 – 5 Day Workshop Program and the following are a short description of the activities each day. Keep in mind that the structure and time is dependant upon the client(s) life’s experiences and traumas experienced.


The Book - trust Patience Surrender


  • Start of Program 9 a.m.
  • Morning Tea/Coffee and fruit platter
  • Introduction to the workshop followed by Intention Setting
  • Questionnaire: WHAT DO I WANT?
  • Rapid Access Questionnaire and Kinesiology Testing
  • Emotional Profile
  • Healthy Lunch (provided)
  • Personality Integration through Psychosynthesis
  • Day ends on or around 3 p.m.


  • Start of Program 9 a.m.
  • Continuation of Personality Integration
  • Dis-identification and Re-identification
  • Lunch
  • Sub Personality Integration
  • Day ends on or around 3 p.m.

The Book - trust Patience Surrender


  • Start of Program 9 a.m.
  • Grief Recovery Module
  • Lunch
  • Grief Recovery cont’d
  • Neuro-Emotional Release
  • Closing Ceremony
  • Workshop ends on or around 3 p.m.

Private Sound Healing Session to be determined on participant’s schedules.

* The above is a sample itinerary for the 3 Day workshop


“You Don’t Have to Spend Your Entire Adulthood Recovering from your Childhood”

Soulful Guidance - By Kevin WestrichHealing : The process of integrating all of the parts of our being, empowering us to discover our true self.

Soulful Journey is a three day immensive workshop that will help you identify, reframe and release emotional blocks allowing you to feel joyful, peaceful and more empowered. You will discover a sense of self that you knew existed but didn't know how to attain.

Kevin soulfully guides you into your own inner wisdom. He works with the premise that each of us has the answers to the question we seek. Many have shared that he has the ability to hold a sacred space that is powerful and safe for the participant, allowing them to express their deepest thoughts and challenges.

His time-proven methods have helped many who have taken his private one on one counselling, individual and group workshops around the world. These sessions have been supported on location and via teleconferencing.

Participant will work with four areas of understanding : the Physical, the Mental, the Emotional and the Spiritual, with an emphasis on the Emotional.

This deep quest into self is a transformational journey for healing deep-seated wounds & emotional blockages. Various, potent healing modalities are introduced to surface hidden emotions, behavioral patterns and old belief systems that are no longer effective. The result for the participant is living a more joyful, peaceful and fulfilling life. This is done by clearing fears, trauma, anger, depression, addictions and ancient ancestral programs that are stored within the celular memory. The key is for participant to be as open as possible to receiving the benefits of this healing process.

The Soulful Voyage believes that a participant's consistent aftercare routine is an essential component to continued growth, which may include followups and continuing webinars. This program provides an individual with profound clarity of purpose and personal empowerment. The materials and methods are created to be used for participant personal use after the initial sessions to deepen your journey.

Kevin Westrich, M.A. - Facilitator, Author and Spiritual Teacher

Kevin Westrich, M.A. - Facilitator, Author and Spiritual Teacher

A Midwest native for many years, He also resided in Sedona, Arizona and Oahu, Hawaii for the past 25 years. As an entrepreneur, spiritual teacher, author and workshop facilitator he has traveled around the globe. His life’s experiences have taken him on journeys allowing him to explore everything from the corporate financial environment, small business ownerships to humanitarian missions in; Havana, Cuba, Lourdes, France and now Bali, Indonesia. As a spiritual teacher and counselor, he has counseled numerous individuals and group 3 and 5 day workshops. He has accomplished this in person and through world-wide video conferencing. Kevin’s knowledge and compassion as a counselor and workshop facilitator enables him to connect with clients, from all walks of life, allowing them to enter their deepest states of self-awareness and healing. Many of his clients have commented on his wisdom and on his strong ability of holding a trusting and safe space.

He holds a Master’s degree in Trans-personal Psychology and he has recently incorporated the non-profit company, The Center for Soulful Guidance, continuing his vision of being of service. His latest endeavors have brought him to Australia and Ubud, Bali, where he currently resides. Kevin’s ultimate vision is to assist individuals and small groups in opening their minds and their hearts so they are able to experience a life that is more authentic to their true nature thus opening the participant to a more enriching life and personal empowerment. Sometime in the near future he envisions a retreat center or possibly several around the world. They will be staffed with trained facilitators administering programs based on his proven modalities, books, Trust, Patience Surrender and his forthcoming book “See” contains more magical stories and life experiences in Australia and Bali.

Kevin has spent the past 12 months expanding his breadth of experiences conducting sound healing therapy through the use of gongs, Tibetan bowls and other various instruments, in a professional environment, along with indigenous ceremonies of North America.

As an author he has traveled throughout the United States to bookstores and gatherings sharing his wisdom and experiences related to miracles, mystical events and hardships that life has brought through him. His books have sold all over the world, including the US, Australia and now actively selling in Bali, Indonesia. His book Trust Patience Surrender is also distributed through book retailers, Amazon and through ebook formats on Kindle and Smash Words. There is also an audio book version available.

Kevin believes that the transformational work over the past 25 years work, along with his cultural exchanges and books effectively facilitates assisting participants in opening their hearts and emotional body, removing old unconscious patterns of behavior and old beliefs systems that no longer work. The outcome of his counseling work and his 3 to 5 day workshops allows the participant(s) to live a life that’s more in alignment with their heart through empowerment, instead of walking through their life based on the premise that they’re living based upon what others have expected of them.

Some of the modalities (tools) used during his one on one private and group workshops included: Relationship counseling; Beginning Meditation; Intention setting; Grief therapy; Kineseoloy; Neuro-emotional release work; Inner-child work, letter writing, sound healing and Indigenous ceremonies.

Kevin can be reached at kevinwestrich.com on the web and kevinjwestrich or kevin.westrich.96 on Facebook or via Whatsapp (upon request).

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