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As Kevin shares these stories of miracles and grace, readers will gain insight into life's synchronicities, the nature of past-life remembrances, and the ups and downs of human physical and spiritual existence, including joy, depression, and near-death experiences. Kevin’s accounts of surviving “The Dark Night of My Soul" and of his ecstatic samadhi state, "Illumination (In the Light),” will help deepen the reader’s own awareness of and wisdom about how to navigate the complexities of modern existence to find one’s true home, career, and spiritual path.




This compelling autobiography—Trust, Patience, Surrender by Kevin Westrich—chronicles the author’s spiritual evolution. In many respects, the book is the male version of Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love. As you read it, you’ll find yourself taking your own journey and going deeper within yourself as Westrich’s words touch your heart, challenge your mind, and cheer your soul

Trust, Patience, Surrender chronicles Kevin Westrich’s intimate spiritual journey, however it is at once relatable and inspirational. I was reminded of The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz. Westrich embodies a sensitive spirit who will take you on your own sacred expedition and leave you feeling closer to all that is

Tamworth Grice, author of Listening to Ian Magick

Cynthia Richmond, author The Dream Power Journal



His life path has taken him from the U.S. Navy to the corporate financial world to humanitarian missions throughout Asia, the Middle East, Australia, and Africa, and most recently with Amistad Cuba (Friendship Cuba), a non-profit organization bringing medical supplies and doctors to the Havana Central Pediatric Hospital in Cuba, as well as to the sacred shrine at Lourdes in France, where he participated in a humanitarian relief program.

Kevin’s path has also included creating and owning several small businesses, and working with hundreds of clients in diverse fields including geology, flora and fauna, and the indigenous history and archaeology of the sacred lands of Sedona. Kevin’s compassion as a counselor and workshop facilitator enables him to connect with people from all walks of life on their spiritual journeys, allowing abundant grace to be present for the deepest healing to occur.

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A native of the Midwest, Kevin has lived in the Southwest and Hawaii for over 25 years and is now living in Bali, Indonesia conducting Sound Healing Sessions, Retreats and Sacred Ceremonies.

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