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Trust, Patience, Surrender is a thrilling account of the miracles of everyday life. Author and spiritual teacher Kevin Westrich shares his joys, sorrows, fears, and uncertainties as he travels from Chicago to Sedona to California, to his ancestral home in Germany and diverse French locales including glittery Saint-Tropez and sacred Lourdes, and finally back the U.S. where he makes life-altering decisions. Readers will appreciate the author’s observations about life’s synchronicities and the nature of past-life remembrances. Through such chapters as “The Dark Night of the Soul” and “Being in the Light,” readers will also gain insights into how to navigate the complexities of modern existence and find happiness through choosing the right home, career, and spiritual path.

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"Let those who have eyes see, those who have ears hear”

All human beings are actually Spiritual Beings having a human experience. When one realizes this, life becomes really interesting and challenging.

Kevin’s book is a very readable account of one man sharing his spiritual awakenings and the many ways Spirit has spoken to him. Each experience caused him to alter his perception of himself in relation to the meaning of his life. He has learned how to listen and trust unexpected guides and messengers.

Kevin manages to convey clearly the principles of living a spiritual life without using theological or thesis English. He is, in a real sense, “every man”.  His hope is to awaken and inspire others to begin or further their own lives.  Every man or woman’s story will be a unique adventure.

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