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Kevin's other passion is the Center for Soulful Guidance.This project was born from the idea that each of us holds the answers we seek. From time to time, we benefit immensely from the guidance of others allowing insights into our limitations, challenges and strengths. The founder, Kevin Westrich believes that working with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies with an emphasis on the emotional will begin to open the participant to a new level of evolution, understanding and growth.

For so many, in society, the emotional bodies have either been shut down or in a state of withdrawal as a form of protection or survival and must be re-framed and reintegrated into a state of wholeness. The Center for Soulful Guidance mission is to bring one back to this inner state of knowing of balance, peace and empowerment.

It is with Kevin’s deep commitment to seeing a new evolutionary change in the world that bring us into a new world based on a balanced heart-centered approach to life. He believes that bringing his several decades of guiding others, his life altering experiences coupled with his education in this field and his deep desire to evolve within himself gives him the strong foundation necessary for guiding others.

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